The GSIeX is an electronic impact exchange that allows GSI-approved impacts in energy, water, food, education, health and IT to be purchased, retired/donated and/or traded between Project Developers, Corporates and Consumers. To facilitate this we have created the BioCertz, a real-asset based complementary currency which operates on a US-regulated platform and can be exchanged for hundreds of other fiat, complementary and crypto currencies.

How it works 

  • GSI Members Organisations and Individuals can support high impact programs by simply either by pledging assets or buying, trading or donating the impact currency. 

  • Pledging assets is easy. Simply register approved assets on the GSI Exchange using a simple ‘On Boarding Process’. These assets are then used to underpin the currency to support approved Projects delivering real measurable assets on the GSI Exchange.

  • GSI issues Biocertz tied to the registered asset for example, 1 Hospital Bed pleged  creates 100 BioCertz using Smart Contracts stored on the Blockchain

  • Investors/Brands can sponsor projects (or beds) by purchasing to invest or choosing to donate/gift/retire the 100 BioCertz. Donating to a registered charity can earn a TAX CREDIT for companies or individuals doing so.

  • Companies and their Customers can today select billions of registered BioCertz, each representing high impact food, water, energy, health, educations and IT programs.

BioCertz are tied to real assets like food, water and trees.