BioCertz impact currency

  • GSI has created a new digital complementary currency for exchanging the economic value of impact creation and helping measure what is given – an item, a product or a professional’s time etc. This new currency is called the BioCertz.
  • As a first in the world, this currency is backed by real and measurable assets, like trees, food, water, health care provided, etc.
  • The BioCertz operates on a fully US regulated and insured platform and can be readily converted into standard currencies like US$, £, Euro on the GSIeX.

Benefits of BioCertz

  • Using BioCertz guarantees impacts are delivered versus traditional € $ £ ¥ .
  • Every €$£¥ exchanged to BioCertz can double the impact over existing models of aid distribution.
  • Tax credits are available on donation of BioCertz.
  • BioCertz can be easily added to existing Corporate Responsibility programs, adding transparency and realtime visibility to programs using the Blockchain