‘Ready-to-use’ foods

  • GSI supports the manufacture of highly nutritious “ready-to-use food” products more accessible and affordable to those who need them most, while also increasing awareness of their benefits and therefore generating demand. 
  • This is achieved by manufacturing locally in developing countries, evidence-based R&D and innovative marketing – developing new routes to consumers and through changing nutritional attitudes and behaviours at community level.
  • GSI regards malnourished people as legitimate customers and not as passive victims or mere beneficiaries. We are endeavouring to tailor nutritional products (recipes, formats, sourcing and delivery) to their needs as opposed to those of the agencies involved in supply.
  • Ready-to-Use Foods (RUFs) are highly fortified, oil-based nutrient dense pastes specifically designed for the treatment of malnutrition. 
  • They are made from varying combinations of grains, pulses and seeds, milk powder, sugar, oil, vitamins and minerals. They are precooked and ready to eat straight from the pack.
  • As they are oil-based, bacteria cannot grow in ready-to-use foods which can be stored safely for up to one year without the need for refrigeration. In a resource-poor setting, these products are literally life-savers!
  • GSI’s goal is to produce high quality ready-to-use foods in developing countries, made out of locally grown crops, thereby reducing the cost and extending access to RUFs, whilst channelling economic benefits back to local manufacturers and farmers.