The GSI team members have come together over 15 years with the purpose of delivering meaningful change that addresses climate change and resource depletion. We have researched many programs, cancelled some and focused on those programs to provide on the most comprehensive and scalable platform available today to implement the SDGs.

Our team includes world class experts across multiple resource, impact and technology sectors and principles of family offices who have helped fund our programs.

The wide scope of the GSI programs required hundreds of man years of research and development delivered across many geographies and the GSI team members now consist of over 200 individuals, including the investors, founders, key technical staff, located across the globe who have made this a reality, connected together and interacting across our online secure and regulated platform. 

The GSI founding team includes experienced entrepreneurs who have built global enterprises both public & private, developed food and energy systems at scale, deployed healthcare & wellness programs , delivered online education programs, IT access, payment and currency systems and delivered manufacturing and global logistics for multinationals.

The core GSI team members are all registered on the GSIX platform and can be contacted by registering via our GSI Smart Community App.

 Dublin Office

GSI Exchange LP

Fitzwilliam Hall

25 Fitzwilliam Place

Dublin 2


Offices / Associates

Geneva, Switzerland

London, UK

Washington DC, USA

Lisbon, Portugal

Bali, Indonesia

San Paulo, Brazil

Offices / Associates 

Perth, Australia

Brussels, Belgium

Cape Town, South Africa

Berlin, Germany

Barcelona, Spain

Brighton, United Kingdom