The SolMate project

  • A Western World school child receives a kit to build a solar light.
  • The lights are easy and safe to assemble.
  • The school child experiences one week of life with the solar light as only light source in their daily life.
  • At the end of the week, the child’s family may choose to purchase the light (USD 10) and donate it to a school child in a partner school in the developing world.

SolMate in action in Tanzania with 1000 Solar Lights

  • Children and parents felt more secure at night.
  • Children’s sore throats and eyes were fixed.
  • Children got better grades at school as they were able to study at night.
  • Parents got to sleep all night as the kids could use the lights for themselves.
  • People can go out at night with the light to light up the way.
  • The dangers of kerosene fumes were eliminated: Children were no longer breathing in damaging kerosene fumes that impact their lives forever. Often the damage done to young lungs is permanent.
  • The risk of fires on the house was eliminated.
  • Fossil fuel are saved, thus less pollution.